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Check out our pricing plans for remotely hosted web forms! Remotely Hosted
Web Forms
Use one of our form builders for your multi page forms! Multi Page Forms
Find your submitted web forms quickly with our search engines on ssl web servers! Search Engine For Form Submissions
Access your secure form information that is stored on our ssl servers. Data Stored
On Server
You will be notified by email when a web form has been submitted! Email Notification
Our form generators allow you to make complex forms in minutes! Form Generator
Our hosted forms offer the option of having ad free forms, too! Ad Free Forms
Create your own email forms with our web form generators! Email Form Maker
Our professional form builders allow you to create forms in no time! Create Forms
In Seconds
Our email templates allow you to create email forms with ease. E-mail Templates
This allows you to preview the hosted forms before you send them. Form Submitter
Preview Page
An alert comes up if the valid credit card information has not been given Credit Card
Field Validation
Have complete control over your chat with channel operator privileges Ad Free Forms
Customize your remote forms with our form builders! Customize Forms
Upload files from your computer directly to the server! Data Upload
Your sensitive or private information will be protected by you own password! Password Protected
Our autoresponders will notify both you and your customer that you have recieved their information! Autoresponders

Remote Web Form Hosting

Create and host your forms on our servers! Remote form hosting starts at only 26 cents per day! Also available is our secure remote form hosting for the websites that need to protect their client's data with secure encrypted data. We supply form builders so you can generate forms and make them just the way you want! Your forms are then remotely hosted on our SSL servers.

Our form generators allow you to create forms and the html page the form is on! Select the type, size, and color of fonts you want to use! Choose the background image or color of the forms page you're hosting with us! Or, just copy the form code and paste it where you want on your html pages! We have several Pricing Plans for our remotely hosted forms. If you have any questions about our cgi forms or secure forms hosting, please contact us.

  • Remotely hosted forms
  • Multi page forms
  • Form generator
  • Autoreponders
  • Store data on server
  • Sample forms
  • Password protected
  • Ad free forms
  • E-mail templates
  • Data upload
  • Email Notification
  • No Email Harvesting
  • Secure remotely
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You can choose to order a standard hosted forms package or a secure cgi form hosting package. The secure web forms package is hosted on one of our secure SSL domain servers at Bummer Secure Hosting. This gives your clients 128 bit encryption protection. In addition to storing your data on our secure servers, you can also elect to be notified via email when a form submission has been made. All form data stored on our servers is protected with your own unique username and password which can be accessed at any time. View screen captures of some of our remotely hosted cgi forms here.

To recap, you can host your cgi forms and ssl forms on our servers for a very low price! Or, you can host your forms on your own server and use our online form builders for processing and storing the data from your form submissions! Our remotely hosted forms are great for collecting information or receiving messages from your website! When using our forms, spiders and email harvestors can't collect and record your website's email address. That means you won't receive annoying spam!

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